Meridian Social Group – Introduction

Hello, folks and welcome to my blog which I have created to support the Meridian Social Group as well as entertaining myself!

I am James, a 61 year old widower, who has more time on his hands than ever before as my youngest daughter has now left home. I decided some time ago that I would have to become more sociable in order to cope with the loneliness that this change would bring and so I have instigated the formation of this new group. I have previously hosted events in association with a dating website in an amateur capacity but this group is strictly my own personal venture. I do not have any association with any businesses and my support is entirely voluntary and unpaid.

My aims are quite simple, to meet people, to make friends, to provide each other with company, to encourage trying out of new pursuits, exploring new & old places, sampling different cuisines, and to encourage people to come out and enjoy life whatever their background and circumstances.

The contact details for the Meridian Social Group are:-
Email to
Text messages only to 07429-650050 – please note that no voice mail or phone connection is possible on this number.

I am not willing to impose any restrictions upon who can join this group although I expect that most of the activities will be more attractive to people over fifty such as:-

Visiting historic towns & villages
Bridgnorth, Evesham, Worcester, Ludlow, Kidderminster & Wolverhampton etc.

Evening meals and lunch time dining – this could be part of a visit or a stand alone event on a quiet evening = Thai, French, Greek & Italian cuisine etc.

Walks and exploration of notable sites
Sandwell Valley, the Clent Hills, the Long Mynd, Dudley/Netherton Tunnels etc.

Theatre visits, Comedy shows, Amateur productions
The Public, West Bromwich, regional theatres etc.

plus any other activities that you are willing to try ! What are your ideas? Don’t be shy !

N.B. all of our current events are listed on the right hand side of this page in the “Posts” section. On mobile phones or some small tablets look for the “Posts” pages to find them.

11 Responses to Meridian Social Group – Introduction

  1. Jasmine Dale says:

    Hi James

    Yes, would be interested in hearing about upcoming events and if I think of any I will let you know.

    Regards Jasmine

  2. sue says:

    Hi james would be intrested in any events it will be nice to meet new people
    best wishes

    • Mary pitt says:

      Hi James,
      I am looking forward to the new adventure, meeting new people and making new friends, I am also interested in most of the events you have put forward.

      kind regards

  3. Wendy says:

    Hi James
    It was nice meeting everyone at the Crabmill yesterday and look forward to the meal next week

  4. vikki Walker says:

    Hi James, what nice comments you have had. Would like to know of future events that you are planning, sounds a very interesting group. When is your next meeting in the Wolverhampton Area please

  5. Karen Preston says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this James. I would be interested in hearing about any meetups that you have, Karen.

    • Karen Preston says:

      Hello Maureen, where do you live? I live in Newbridge, Tettenhall. My mobile is 07759489717 if you would like to contact me, Karen xx

  6. Sharon Jukes says:

    Am intetested in this group please tell me more details..thankyou.mrs jukes

  7. Sandy says:

    The idea sounds wonderful. Do you have couples in your group ?

    • Carole Clee says:

      Hi Everyone – I love theatre/cinema – anyone interested please?
      I live locally and drive so no problem getting to venues.

  8. carole says:

    Hi Shanon – NIce to talk. Give me an idea of what sort of night/day out you might like and
    we can meet up maybe. James arranges different nights out not too far from where you live.
    Have asked him to email/text me with info of whatever is coming up. Carole

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